Hello World.

Welcome to the first ever blog post by Polymer Games, and the first devlog for Polymer! Polymer Games is a tiny indie game studio currently consisting of myself (Ahnaf) and a digital artist who I hope to introduce sometime soon.

We like to think of our first game Polymer as a mix between Snake and the bullet hell genre, as you'll be trying to survive against waves of enemies and obstacles while collecting orbs and growing your Polymer. As you can see in the video below, Polymer is currently at a VERY early stage of development- we'll be showing off a lot of additions in the future, including enemies, powerups, and graphical updates. Expect the final game to look way cooler ;)

Polymer is being developed in our own engine, Diamond, which is also a work in progress. We decided to create a custom engine so that we would have full control over our technology stack and be able to optimize performance (which will be important when we add fancier effects and features). Unlike Polymer, Diamond is open source and can be found on Github.

We're posting updates from such an early stage of development so that we can get feedback from gamers like you. Do you think Polymer has the potential to be a fun game? Shout out to us on Twitter, Facebook, or our YouTube channel!